Dear Norma Jean,

Once again I resisted setting any goals for the New Year and that is okay because the last thing I want is to be considered a quitter. Sunday, January, 19, 2020 is considered by someone as Quitter Day. That means it has taken more than four weeks for me to fail at what I thought would be my new beginnings for the year, or even for the new decade, and more than one week to be considered a quitter. But what I have finally realized is that setting new year’s resolutions are not what works for me.

This new year is bringing new challenges to my life and now is not the time to let my ego take control of my thoughts. I am fearful and angry by what I feel are unfair decisions by others. I blame them for not taking into consideration the problems that seem to now lie ahead for me.

That anger bubbles up and words are said that are too spontaneous, or are they? Hadn’t they bubbled up many times over the past several months? What does this have to do with being a quitter? I’m not sure that I want to go on in the same way, so does that mean that I’m giving up? The loud response from my Higher Self is, “YES, finally!!!”

What I am discovering is that I resist listening to God. I think I am smart enough to solve all of my problems without help from anyone else. I think that if I acknowledge that I don’t know how to resolve my conflicts, that I am a failure for sure.

My inner spirit knows and is now awakening my mind to just how much I need Jesus in my life, NOW, not tomorrow, not when I feel so desperate that I don’t know what else to do, but NOW and every moment that there is a choice or decision to be made. That is now my intention, my goal, for each day and maybe each moment there is conflict in my thoughts and life.

How do I do that? Well, it’s really not complicated, just ASK! Prayer is my conversation with God and each morning I acknowledge that I can do nothing without Jesus. I recognize that it is not just a one time request so I am willing to ask for his help each time I fall into thinking that “I got this” because I don’t. The intent is not to beat myself if and when I fail to remember this, but to remind myself of the little willingness it takes to ASK.

With Love, Your High Self