Self care is the heart of health care and active engagement in helping oneself is powerful. We will assist you in discovering the healing power of your mind, reducing your stress, and supporting your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. You will learn about your ability to use the power of your mind to create healthy changes in your body and the power of your body to create healthy changes in your mind.

  • Connect and Become Aware of Where You are NOW and Where You want to BE
  • Recognize the Signs of Stress and Feel More Relaxed
  • Use Your Imagination to SHIFT how you Feel when you are Stressed
  • Learn to Neutralize your Stress Reaction through Meditation
  • Release Stress & Tension through Breath and Movement
  • Break FREE from Negative Emotions
  • Introducing Mindful Eating & Nutrition
  • Practice Self-Care as you Move Forward to Heal Yourself
         *Topics discussed are based on the work with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

We look forward to supporting you in doing the work for yourself.