The corporate world can truly benefit from Laughter Yoga. These 5 categories can help you explain how Laughter Yoga is so well suited to building stronger businesses.

Reduces Stress: Laughter Yoga is the quickest, most effective, most economical way to help employees reduce stress. This helps prevent worker burnout and absenteeism from stress-related illness.

 Creates Emotional Well-Being: Laughter Yoga helps employees balance and manage their emotional lives. This smoothes work-place relations and helps people develop a work-life balance.

 Promotes Peak Performance: Laughter Yoga increases the net supply of oxygen to the body and brain, thus, promoting peak performance. The brain requires 25% more oxygen than the rest of the body. The laughing and deep yoga breathing of Laughter Yoga enables the brain to attain this much-need oxygen supply so that it can function at its highest level.

 Enhances Creativity: The playfulness of Laughter Yoga frees right-brained thinking, the basis of all creativity. Out of this creativity, new ideas and concepts can grow, giving your business the edge it needs to move forward.

 Builds Team Spirit: Laughter Yoga connects people and this builds team spirit. Communication skills are enhanced and employees engage with one another in a helpful, mutually-supportive environment.

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