On the first day of spring in central Indiana, there is hope that this dreary burst of winter will soon be a memory of the past. As I looked out my window this morning, a robin reminded me that it is the time of year to move forward, even though we just had that painful experience with moving the clocks forward. But as I watch two beautiful male robins flit around as they hovered over the ground and then back up into a tree, I wondered how they knew it was time to migrate and fly thousands of miles to begin their new cycle. The males become restless and return first, and the females join them in a couple of weeks, each having their purpose and timing. Robins know when it is the season to migrate north for the spring and summer and this made me curious about the ‘knowing’.

As a human, I like many others, tend to be in my head and allow my intelligence to be my guide. I read books, I attend classes, and am constantly curious about understanding how and why things work. There is an itch, a restlessness, to learn more and our world has certainly benefited from the advances made in science, medicine, technology; providing many new innovations that have promoted a life that is more comfortable, healthy, and longer.

There is a deeper drive that can be overlooked when striving for the newest and greatest inventions. Beyond the satisfaction of developing the next, great thing, I have found that for me there is a more pressing desire to stop thinking and start knowing. The ‘thinking’ can and does interfere when we get caught up in the busyness of life and our thoughts can become overwhelming. Taking the time to slow down and allowing life to flow provides a space of quiet to just ‘be’. When I acknowledge, accept, and allow my knowing, I no longer need to think about how to figure out how things work, how my life should be, why someone acts the way they do, or when I should step in to save someone from their choices. My thinking is always in my head, while the KNOWING comes from my heart. As I align with my inner guide and I trust that when I ask for that guidance, the response will not be from my thinking. I know that it is the right time to move out of the past and into the present moment.

Have you had that moment when you stopped thinking and decided to ask so that you could know?